Wearing Air-Trekker jumping stilts, you can flip, jump, or perform any type of parkour movements. These light-weight, spring loaded leg attachments allow you run faster and jump higher with bionic-like power and freedom. Unlike a trampoline where you’re forced to remain stationary, or a pogo stick where you hold onto a single spring, with the Air-Trekker jumpers anyone can have a blast anywhere, anytime, hands free. The use of jumping boots use is rapidly evolving due to new scientific studies that show the activity of jumping is the most efficient form of exercise, and lots of fun! Nasa states in writing that 10 minutes of jump exercise (bouncing) is equal to a half hour of running. It’s effective and efficient!

Jumping stilts are no longer just for the adrenaline junkies who perform acrobatic stunts. Adults of all ages, and more important, kids are flocking to jumping stilt use. Why? Wearing and using jumping stilts provides excellent physical and mental fitness. Greatly increase your oxygen consumption rates which is good for heart and lungs. Develop incredible leg and core strength. With little time, equipment or gym training, the benefits of jump exercise are endless. And because this type of exercise is short, intense, and thrilling, the psychological benefits of achievement and accomplishment explodes.

Some people don’t, or can’t, jump regularly because of the shock to the joints and bones. For healthy people, jumping stilts take away that shock and allow high intensity cardio interval workouts without heavy shock to the joints and bones. Lose weight while have fun. Significantly develop your athletic talents: coordination, agility and balance. Teaching and allowing kids to adjust to various biomechanical stimuli will greatly advance their motor skills, which will benefit them in any future sport! Adults Also!

Enjoying the outdoors is wonderful. Exercising outdoors is even better. Developing your fitness levels with 21st century, German engineered, spring boots is one of a kind. Visit the global store for jumping stilts: They have jumpers for sale for any age and skill level. So if you need a new mode of transportation, a way to make yourself 20” taller, an exercise tool, or a means to take your jump tricks to a new level, jumping stilts are a new technology that will greatly assist you, and make you smile.

Flying on Jumping Stilts


Jumping Stilts For Kids: The perfect outdoor gift

Do your kids have too many gadgets and games? So why continue to feed screen time?

Before electronic games, most kids loved playing outdoors, boys and girls alike. Remember when you used to come home muddy, tired and hungry? Now, tech companies draw kids’ attention with new gadgets to keep them fixated on their devices. This Spring you have a great opportunity to self-motivate your kids to play outdoors. That’s right, self-motivate. Imagine your 8-12 year old begging to go outdoors!

Introducing Air-Trekker Jumping Stilts - Youth Model. Built specifically for your 8-12 year olds. Jumping Stilts take one of America’s cherished outdoor activities, jumping up, down, on and off of anything, and makes it especially FUN! The secret value for parents is that the mental, psychological, and physiological benefits of jumping stilt use are immeasurable.

It’s clear that the HOT outdoor activity is performing various acrobatic type moves, almost anywhere, using anything imaginable, from bikes, to skateboards, to skis. Today, flight is Fun! Being airborne is the place to be for kids!

Air-Trekkers has jumpers for sale designed specifically for kids. This German engineered jumping equipment is built for fun, but with kids safety in mind. Once your child straps on the light spring powered stilts to each leg, it’s like being on a mobile trampoline; like hands-free pogo sticks under each foot. When kids wear jumping stilts, they stand 10” taller, jump higher, run faster, and may perform almost any jump trick imaginable……endless FUN in all forms! Instant rock star.

FUN yes, but WHY are spring boots for kids such a perfect outdoor gift for your child? The answer is in the science behind the activity. JUMPING. Yes science has proven that the act of JUMPING has now become the #1 most effective and efficient health and fitness exercise! NASA confirms it in writing.

The health benefits of jump exercise for kids are staggering. Mentally, developing positive emotions of self-confidence and accomplishment, is immeasurable. Developing fundamental motor skills of balance, coordination and agility at an early age, yields huge rewards later in other sports. Finally, the pull and push of gravity while jumping necessitates the need to make neural muscular adjustments to imbalances. The result? One develops spacial awareness and coordination, bone and muscle strength and mental alertness in just one exercise. JUMPING! Air-Trekker jumping stilts makes jumping fun and removes almost all of the high impact stress of jumping on the ground. Affordably priced, you can find kids jumpers for sale units at: Air-Trekkers Youth Model

Correspondance From A Customer

As we get used to our Air-Trekkers, several things are happening at once. Our sensory and motor nervous system are processing a host of new signals.

The muscles in our legs are changing priorities, particularly the muscles in the front of the legs that at first fight, and then finally cooperate with our extended legs.

An unseen but critical development arc is taking place in our hip sockets, knee joints and heels, in the tibia and fibula that are changing in cross-section and strength to accommodate new and sometimes larger forces.

Our hips themselves rock more and the intercostals disks of the sacrum are adjusting to the new loads.

Each of these processes takes its own time to complete and for that frequent, short duration practice trumps marathon drills as we get the chance to recover and develop stamina.

I am now free trekking on the local track, monitoring my progress with the iPhone app Strava.

Strava even shows the elevation change while I strike along.

All the best,

L. Van Warren

I fell and I can’t get up!

When your Air-Trekker jumping stilts arrive on your front doorstep……for most, the anticipation and excitement to strap them on and run around is almost unstoppable……but

I highly recommend you take your time, read through many of our blogs posts, review our videos, and read the guide manual. First, you must make the necessary adjustments to your units so they fit YOU! (Explained in prior blog posts.) Second, once you have them strapped on, and before you let go of anyone or anything… should practice falling and getting back up. At first it’s a bit of a challenge…..but like any sport…..after a few attempts you will quickly get the hang of it.

What is the easiest way to get back up after you have fallen?

After you have fallen with your Air-Trekker jumping stilts strapped on, get back on your knees. Lift one knee into your chest while keeping the other knee on the ground. When lifting the knee into the chest, try to get the foot of that jumping stilt as close to your body as you can. With one quick movement, just drive the lifted leg (the leg that has the knee into the chest) down hard into the ground….. You’ll pop right up. Well maybe not the first time…..but you’ll soon get the hang of it. For visual details please check out the many jumping stilt videos on youtube. Search: getting up!