History of Powerizers

Powerizer Jumping Stilts were one of a handful of jumping stilt brands manufactured and distributed by Hong Kong Amusement Info. LTD., one of only two authorized manufacturers of Mr. Boeck’s patent.

Because of the quality and affordability of Powerizers, they became very popular in Europe 2-3 years ago. Distributors of Powerizers sprang up in many EU countries with names like Powerizer of Finland and Powerizer of Italy to name a few. Powerizer distribution grew in the USA too. The exclusive USA licensee for Powerizers set up dealers around the country and developed nice market share in the USA for a couple of years.

In early 2008, the second authorized manufacturer of Boeck’s patent, Hitech located in Korea, who initially developed the brand name – Poweriser with a “s” – filed a trademark infringement suit against Powerizers with a “z” and won. The brand name looked and sounded too much like the Korean brand name. Also, Powerizers were in the same product category so it was obvious that something had to change.

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This infringement case caused a lot of problems for many US companies who carried Powerizers, and several EU distributors who had exclusive rights to sell the brand. In mid flight, the companies had to change the brand name.

The results?

HKAI, simply eliminated the brand Powerizers and existing distributors chose one of two brands to sell: Flying Jumper or Powerstrider. Flying Jumper became the brand of choice in Asia and Powerstriders became the brand of choice in Europe. The USA also has a Powerstrider distributor.

HKAI manufacturers brands: Air-Trekkers, Powerstriders, Flying jumpers, and Pro Jumps.

Hitech manufactures the brand: Poweriser.

Many shoppers ask: What’s the difference? If one reads and reviews several of the jumping stilts blogs and forums, they’d think that there is a big difference in brands and products. The truth is – there is practically no difference. All jumping stilts fall under one patent number. Many of the parts that are supplied to the two manufacturers come from the same parts suppliers. (Like the way part suppliers supply GM, Chrysler, and Ford, so too part suppliers supply parts for both the Korean and Hong Kong manufacturer. Brake, or windshield suppliers supply parts to all three car manufacturers.)

All the the brands including powerisers have top quality parts that are durable and safe. Yes – because of the nature of “bocking”, with the jarring and bouncing and even some crazy falls, parts can break, but all in all jumping stilts are well designed, well built running and jumping devices that seem to be the first attempt at giving humans a bionic element.

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4 thoughts on “History of Powerizers

  1. Serge Fortin

    Hello I think the powerizer is better than powerstrider.

    Let me know if is exact please. The fiberglass isn’it better than metal like powerstrider.

    So I’m searching one powerizer in Canada first and second in USA

    I will be interested to buy at good cost.

    Thank You

    Serge Fortin

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