Air-Trekkers are a Hit in Summer Parades

img_16181We want to thank the fine folks in Jackson, NJ for sending us some photos of how they are using Air-Trekker Jumping Stilts for entertainment purposes.   Air-Trekkers are quickly becoming a “must have” for community parades and commercial events.  The Glow In The Dark Parade, an event at one of the more respected east coast amusement parks, features costume entertainers bouncing on Air-Trekkers.

Another entertainment company, New England Nightmare, is using Air-Trekkers to make their monsters and clowns stand 8′ tall.

We’ve also learned that one of our Air-Trekker buyers in Lower Michigan, booked parades all summer long.  That’s right walking, bouncing, and running on his Air-Trekkers have become his summer job.  He says he feels like a rock star on his Air-Trekkers. We’ll have to add this to our list of ways to make money using jumping stilts.img_16192

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