Fall Jumping Stilts Contest

Jumping Stilts Contest

The staff at Alpine Innovations, LLC hope that all of you are having a fun and exciting summer. This is a great time to refine your skills, experiment with new tricks,  and show off your new super human abilities.  Because summer is typically when bockers raise the bar on skill levels, we thought now would be a good time to hold a contest to see just how skilled you have become. 
With almost 2 full years of US distribution under our belt and literally thousands of units sold, Air-Trekker Jumping Stilts seem to be the USA jumping stilt brand of choice.  But it’s not about our company or even the units themselves.  It’s about YOU!!  How strong have you become?  How creative?  What can you do on your Air-Trekkers that no one else can do?  We want to know!
So we are turning our attention to YOU……to show us what you can do on your Air-Trekkers.  But we understand that in life asking for something without giving more in return is not only impolite – it’s rude.  So we want to reward you for showing us what you can do.  How?
We are going to hold the first ever USA jumping stilt video contest.  The Europeans have been holding contests for some time now.  Well it’s time for the good ole USA to step up and show the folks across the pond what we can do on jumping stilts. 
Because it’s the first of its kind in the USA, we want to keep it simple – yet rewarding.  We will have two categories.  The winner of each category, voted by you, will receive a $200.00 gift certificate to a fine diner in your town.  This prize will allow you, and a group of your friends, to hit the town in style at our expense.  Sound fair?  
So here’s the two categories:
1. Most creative single leap.  (You can use any type of prop, costume, wall, ledge, auto, etc…….. you want.  Your peers will vote.)

2. Most creative (3) consecutive leaps.   (Again, you use can use any type of prop, costume, wall, creek, ledge, auto, etc…….you want…..but the 3 leaps must be connected.  Your peers will vote.)    
So here’s how to enter and qualify:
1. Must own Air-Trekkers

2. Must not currently get paid to perform on Air-Trekkers.  (Sorry guys.)  No professional performers at this time.  I’ve seen your performances – it’d be a bit unfair.

3. Can use any model or weight category……even kids models qualify.   We’re advocates of equal rights – so no gender categories.  

4. Submit your video to  www.youtube.com  

5. E-mail me the link to your video admin@air-trekkers.com

6. We will post each video on the Air-Trekker.com blog.   You can vote by commenting on which video you like best.  Voting will begin on 9-20-09.  You have four weeks to refine your skills and submit your entry.

7. Your vote can be counted twice if you digg or stumble one of the videos. (will need proof)

8. You can chat with your fellow bockers on the Jumpingstilts.com forum to see what or how others are doing….and to stay updated. 

9. On 10-10-09, we will announce, and show, the winning two videos – they must be different people -  on our website, our blog, and the forum. 

10. We will contact the winners, contact a nice restaurant in your town, and send you the prize! 

11.  It just would not be fun, or complete, if we didn’t have a special category.  An entertainment category.  A CRASH category!  We know all too well that when bocking accidents happen.  WE ARE NOT advocating you purposely film for this category, but if you do happen to have the camera running while you take a spill – submit it.  Also voted by you peers, the BEST CRASH video will get a $50.00 gift certificate to a restaurant in your town!

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