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Protect your Air-Trekker Springs

The most important “part” on an Air-Trekker Jumping Stilt is the carbon fiber leaf spring.   Although it is made with millions of tiny fibers epoxed together, it is not indestructible.  We strongly recommend you be very careful NOT to damage the spring.  So protect them!!


1. The most popular method jumpers use is to wrap electrical tape around the springs.

2. Or go to PROJUMPFORUM.COM.   This is our sister brand located in the UK.  “Naz” runs a great business and claims that the UK is 3-4 years ahead of the USA in jumping stilt market penetration.  This forum is full of great ideas.  You will find many methods of protecting your springs there.

3. Mr. Benedict, from the USA sent us the following link showing his innovative way to protect his springs.

The more you fall on hard surfaces, the more you knick the spring…….the shorter the life expectancy of the spring. Protect them!!

An Innovative Way To Add Padding to Air-Trekker Knee Bars.

The adult model Air-Trekker jumping stilt features a padded knee bar that you slip you foot and leg through.  The knee bar rests just below you knee cap.  Although nothing needs to be added to begin jumping, many have found that adding some padding to the knee bar, creates a much tighter fit around the upper calf.  A tighter fit gives the jumper more stability and confidence.

How you do add padding?

1.  Go to YouTube and search:  Air-Trekker padding.

2. Or check out the video below sent to us by Zach Benedict.  The video below is his idea.  Way to go Zach.

Tyre Socks – save your Feet!

My Canadian friend, Mark Kelly, gave me permission to post this short blog on our site.  It’s a valuable document describing one option on how to build “tyre socks” for you jumping stilts.  “Tyre socks” is a British term given to an attempt to prolong the life of your jumping stilt’s feet.

Many performers utilize the method described below.  They use all sorts of materials, from wagon wheels, to mountain bike treads, to carpet.  I’ve even seen one unit with small kids shoes attached to the bottom of the feet.

Tire socks are a inexpensive easy way to extend the life of your rubber pads/feet/hooves on your jumping stilts.It works for all brands and models including poweriser ,powerstrider ,skyrunner ,air-trekkers ,powerskips ,projumps ,flyjumper ,upwing ,powerizer ,powerskip and many of the others.Here are simple instructions on how to make yourself a set and extend the life of the pads on your jumping stilts.

This is all you need to make yourself a pair of tire socks and extend the life of any jumping stilts rubber pads. Duct tape,2.5 inch hose clamps and a 12 inch kids tire the harder the better.

image002Cut the tire in half using a hacksaw or a pair of snips.You will feel that there is a wire that goes around on each side of the tire you can cut that off the tire if you want to .That is preference and also depends on the width of the tire. You can use 2 clamps or 3 im going to use 2.
image003Fully extend the hose clamps and put them over the foot of your stilt and place the middle of the tire on the end of the rubber foot as shown.
image004Fold the tire over the stilt as shown making sure it is tight around the foot pad and tighten the clamps untill they hold it tight.
image005Wrap the duct tape around the loose ends of the hose clamps so they dont flop around.You can use different color tires and tape for you desired effect.
image006There you have it an easy way to save your rubber pads and your money.