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Getting Up On Jumping Stilts After A Fall

I fell and I can’t get up!

When your Air-Trekker jumping stilts arrive on your front doorstep……for most, the anticipation and excitement to strap them on and run around is almost unstoppable……but

I highly recommend you take your time, read through many of our blogs posts, review our videos, and read the guide manual. First, you must make the necessary adjustments to your units so they fit YOU! (Explained in prior blog posts.) Second, once you have them strapped on, and before you let go of anyone or anything… should practice falling and getting back up. At first it’s a bit of a challenge…..but like any sport…..after a few attempts you will quickly get the hang of it.

What is the easiest way to get back up after you have fallen?

After you have fallen with your Air-Trekker jumping stilts strapped on, get back on your knees. Lift one knee into your chest while keeping the other knee on the ground. When lifting the knee into the chest, try to get the foot of that jumping stilt as close to your body as you can. With one quick movement, just drive the lifted leg (the leg that has the knee into the chest) down hard into the ground….. You’ll pop right up. Well maybe not the first time…..but you’ll soon get the hang of it. For visual details please check out the many jumping stilt videos on youtube. Search: getting up!

Air-Trekkers Vs. Powerisers

There’s often a lot of brand confusion when buying jumping stilts.  You can even find articles written about it.  If you ask the other manufacturers they’d tell you that our product quality is inferior to theirs when in reality that’s a bogus claim.  So give us a call and let us prove to you Air-trekkers are the jumping stilts to have.

Check out this testimonial we just received from a buyer!

“The wind slowed down and i got outside and fixed the cuffs to the perfect setting.

I love them!  They solve every problem I had with the powerisers.  I am immediately running faster and more confidently than I ever have in the year that I had the powerisers due to the increased stability afforded by the reduction in moving parts.

I love the silence with which they operate.  they really are whisper quiet.  you could sneak up on someone at 20 mph with these things.  The only problem that I’m having with them so far is that the stiffness is difficult to get used to.  with the lazier springiness of the fiberglass, there was more time to get the technique correct in each jump — i’m going to have to practice with these before i’m jumping like i was with the powerisers, but i can already tell they will surpass them in performance.  the lightness of the frames is luxurious.

I am no longer  finding myself worried that i won’t be able to get my foot in the right place before i hit the ground.  the powerisers seem clumsy and awkward compared to these.

these are definitely a superior model and were well worth the purchase.  now if i can only find someone to take the old powerisers off my hands, i’ll be all set!


Get A Pair Of The Best Jumping Stilts Today!

If my weight is on the edge of two weight categories – what size should I buy?

The one question that was asked most over the 2009 holidays was:

What weight category should I buy if my weight is right on the edge of a weight category?  For example:  130 lbs, 155 lbs, 175 lbs, or 200 lbs.

Well if you browse the internet you may find many different answers, but after selling many thousands of jumping stilts and listening to buyers’ opinions on a daily basis, here’s what I recommend:

It all comes down to your intentions, your personal aggressiveness and your age……….


Remember, as with any new sporting activity, there is a learning curve when you start using jumping stilts.  For the average person this learning curve seems to be around 10-14 days of actual use.  For some it’s much shorter.

If you are buying jumping stilts for fun, or running, maybe a workout replacement, or just to be a show off…….if you want the units to be very springy on day one……..if you want to grasp the concept of jumping stilts quickly……..if you are not the most aggressive person on your block……or if you plan on sharing your units with friends – other newbies……..and if you do not have intentions of trying to jump as high as you can in the first month or two….…..then you may want to buy the weight category below.   You will have more fun!

Buying below will allow you to bend the springs without much effort.  Also, when you start using jumping stilts your legs will feel like noodles, so bending the springs without much effort is a bit rewarding.

The down side to buying the weight category below is – in a month you will get stronger, much stronger.  Once you learn the concept of using jumping stilts and discover how to put energy into the springs, there is an inherent need to go big.  Going big when using a lower weight category has it’s drawbacks.   If you buy a spring in the weight category below, you may bottom out on your springs.   And when you bottom out – you can not go any higher.   Some will say – “so what – I love these springy units and 95% of the time they give me all I ask.  I have no need to jump over cars or sit in basketball rims.”

Remember, you can always buy the next size up “springs”.   Alpine Innovations, LLC stocks all sizes of springs.  Some people have 2-3 different sizes for different occasions and intentions.  You do not need to buy a new unit to get bigger springs!

On the other hand – if you want to eventually jump very high…….if you are a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie………..if jumping over hedges, over cars, onto second story balconies……..even performing multiple flips gets your blood boiling……….you should buy the higher weight category.  The springs, however, will feel stiff for most of you during the first few weeks.   As you walk around during the first week or two, the springs may bend very little.  At times you may feel like your jumping stilts are more like wooden stilts instead of stilts with springs.  In my opinion that’s OK.  Do not judge your springs or you ability to use the springs during the first 2-3 weeks.

Remember there is a learning curve?  The learning curve is not only about learning how to generate energy in the springs, it’s also about developing leg and core strength.  Using jumping stilts is a new activity for your body.  Your muscles are not used to these types of movements.  Be patient, and don’t over train during the first few weeks.  Allow your body to get used to the new movements.  If you go hard on day two, you could easily stress a body part.

After 2-3 weeks of continual use you will begin to feel very comfortable with the big springs.  Your ability to jump and store energy will greatly increase.  If you try to go big, the springs will give you everything you need – for years!!  You will never bottom out…….at least most of you won’t.   I have had gymnasts move through several weight categories in the first couple of weeks.  But that is an exception.

This article is for those with a weight right on the edge of a weight category.  Everyone else SHOULD BUY THEIR APPROPRIATE WEIGHT CATEGORY to start.

If you are over 35, you should buy the lower category to start out. The new movements and the bouncing won’t be such a shock to your legs.

I hope this helps your buying decision…..and please let us know how you are doing after the first few weeks! Now you know what size jumping stilts to buy go do it!

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