Air-Trekkers Vs. Powerisers

There’s often a lot of brand confusion when buying jumping stilts.  You can even find articles written about it.  If you ask the other manufacturers they’d tell you that our product quality is inferior to theirs when in reality that’s a bogus claim.  So give us a call and let us prove to you Air-trekkers are the jumping stilts to have.

Check out this testimonial we just received from a buyer!

“The wind slowed down and i got outside and fixed the cuffs to the perfect setting.

I love them!  They solve every problem I had with the powerisers.  I am immediately running faster and more confidently than I ever have in the year that I had the powerisers due to the increased stability afforded by the reduction in moving parts.

I love the silence with which they operate.  they really are whisper quiet.  you could sneak up on someone at 20 mph with these things.  The only problem that I’m having with them so far is that the stiffness is difficult to get used to.  with the lazier springiness of the fiberglass, there was more time to get the technique correct in each jump — i’m going to have to practice with these before i’m jumping like i was with the powerisers, but i can already tell they will surpass them in performance.  the lightness of the frames is luxurious.

I am no longer  finding myself worried that i won’t be able to get my foot in the right place before i hit the ground.  the powerisers seem clumsy and awkward compared to these.

these are definitely a superior model and were well worth the purchase.  now if i can only find someone to take the old powerisers off my hands, i’ll be all set!


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