5 Things To Do On Jumping Stilts

As if jumping around at heights of 6′ and running at speeds of up to 25mph aren’t enough here are some other things you can do on jumping stilts.

  1. 1 on 1 basketball.  Your opponent can have stilts too but bonus to you if they don’t.
  2. Head downtown and walk around on a busy day.  If you dont like attention avoid this one because people will flock to you to ask you about your stilts.
  3. See how fast you can run. Find one of those signs the police department set up and test your speed.  If you  happen to live in Australia maybe you can challenge a kangaroo to a race?

  4. Go find tall fences and look over them.
  5. Make Money $$ Tomorrow I’ll cover five ways to make money using your jumping stilts.

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