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If You Only Join One Affiliate Program – Make It This One!
"It’s Here – The Ground Floor Affiliate Opportunity You’ve Been Searching For.

Start Making Money With The Next Seismic Explosion in The Cash Drenched World of Extreme Sports!”

Not Only Is It Extraordinarily Easy To Join…
It’s FREE!

  • It’s Here! A turnkey affiliate program giving you the one thing every affiliate marketer is hungry for: The chance to get in on the ground floor of one of the hottest opportunities in the world of extreme sports today.
  • A top-quality, proven product – fused with a proven step-by-step plan … and everything else you need to cash-in BIG by becoming one of our affiliates.
  • There’s no re-inventing the wheel.There’s no product inventory. You don't have to worry about shipping and handling. You don't mess around with payments, ordering or customer inquiries.
  • All the bells and whistles are included! Banner Ads, Videos, Text Ads, Digital ads, Pictures, Printable Flyers & Business Cards… the whole nine yards. Everything you need to start earning money.
  • All you have to do is ….Take Action Now

So… the big question is: What the heck are we talking about?

What’s this “seismic explosion” and what could possibly be this new in sports?
Hold on to your keyboard, because here goes:

The product is called Air-Trekkers, and simply put, it’s projected to be one the hottest extreme sports items hitting the USA in a long, long time.

How hot? Think skateboarding. Think roller blading. Think snowboarding.

All mega money makers, all took the nation by storm, all made (and are still making) a lot of smart entrepreneurs & investors very, very rich.

Air-Trekkers, first designed and developed in Germany, are new age, hyper-innovative “cyberstilts” – high tech jumping stilts - allowing the wearer to move like a movie raptorjumping insane heights, doing twirls, twists and even backflips over objects 6 feet tall and higher, and running flat out at 20 miles per hour!

Don’t believe it? Then just take a gander at this video. If this doesn’t convince you, nothing will.


Now – is this awesome or not!

So, here’s the skinny: These bad-boys are just hitting the USA market. (They’re already a HUGE hit in Europe). We’re looking for affiliates to help “spread the word” and in the process, make some very serious coin.

Interested in becoming an AIR TREKKER affiliate? We’ve made the entire process as hassle free and straightforward as possible. We’ve also made it one of the “funnest” programs around. And last but not least… we’ve made it slam-dunk easy to make money as we possibly could.

Check this out:


The Top 10 Reasons Why This
Affiliate Program Promises To Kick Some Serious Butt!

Reason #1: No limits on where you can sell or market! We don’t tether you down or plan your day.
Reason #2: No investment needed! We don’t ask for a single penny upfront. You don’t have to buy “samples” or “affiliate kits” - or anything else for that matter!
Reason #3: No inventory or shipping worries! We stock the merchandise. We ship the merchandise. You just promote the merchandise.
Reason #4: No administration hassles! We take care of customer service, product inquiries, secure online ordering, client billing & invoicing… anything that has to do with sales and service. You’re free to do what you do best – getting the word out about AIR TREKKERS!
Reason #5: You’ll have FULL ACCESS to ALL of our top of the line, order pulling, professionally developed digital and conventional marketing materials. (Digital ads, banners, text messages, videos, pixs, printable flyers & business cards… the whole nine yards.) Download as many as you like!
Reason #6: 24/7 instant stats updates. You want to check your sales at 1:00 AM on a Sunday morning? They’re there – waiting fore you!
Reason #7: 12% commission on all sales. We even offer volume bonuses if you sell so many Air-Trekkers in a month.
Reason #8: We’ve covered all the bases. We’ve secured every buying angle. Our ultra-efficient system tracks every friend and prospect you send to our shopping cart. No quibbles, no bypassing, no screw ups. We’ve done our homework. All you do is spread the word.
Reason #9: Here’s probably one of the best reasons to get in right now: The market is brand new – the opportunity is virgin ground
floor. The biggest, juiciest slices of money pie ALWAYS goes to those smart enough to jump in early.
EXTRA REASON #10: We do all this for you.. and we do it FOR FREE!

Simply put, it’s…


So Sign Up Now. It’s fast. It’s easy. And it’s free.

IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES, you’ll receive a unique, special promo ID. So you can start making money today if you wish.

  • Place your AT ads, banners, text messages, whatever…..your myspace or facebook sites, your youtube page or even your own private website.
  • Print out our custom business cards or flyers with your name and unique ordering information and pass them out anywhere.
  • Download our videos or pictures and email them to friends. The sky’s the limit.

Now… every time someone clicks your ad, banner, or enters your AT unique ID into our shopping cart……a cookie tracks this visitor. Whenever they buy an Air-Trekker, you’ll automatically and instantly get credit for the sale.

Don’t Know Squat About Marketing?

Well, we do! And we’ll fill you in on everything you’ll need to know to hit the ground running (and jumping)!

How and where to place your banner ads, the sites to visit, the different market segments to go after. Follow our step by step blueprint to success, and cash in on the rewards.

YO! Talk about passive income. This is about as easy as it gets.

Can you imagine if this was around when skate-boarding first hit the states, or roller-blading or even snow-boarding first became popular?

What if you jumped in right at the beginning of these crazes? What if every time someone asked you about those cool sport products, you handed them your card showing how they could grab their own?

You think you’d be making some serious money by now?

Well, stop dreaming about it and get into action!

  • You’ll be teaming up with a solid company backed by the finest service and highest quality product available. The potential is huge. Every essential tool you’ll need will be at your fingertips. An entire generation of thrill seekers will be your marketplace.
  • You’ll have instant, real time online access to your account to see exactly where you stand and how your sales are doing.
  • Payments are made every 4 weeks.
  • We’ll deposit the money you earned directly into your bank or PayPal account. You want a check instead? No problem – just let us know.

You kidding? It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Pay off your bills, get that college tuition, start living like you mean it.

You may think making money this easy is somehow being greedy, but face the facts: It takes ready cash to live life your way. Why work at slinging burgers when you can be making money 24/7… and laughing all the way to the bank?


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