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We answer every question you have regarding Jumping Stilts.
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  1. How To Correctly Buy Your Jumping Stilts & Avoid Costly Mistakes!
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 1.   I have been using Air-Trekker jumping stilts for the past five years now, I've have even had a job using them. I own two pairs and have talked a few people into buying them. I recently ran a 5k for charity while wearing them. This year in my physics course I will be doing a project on the physics of jumping stilts.   I love your stilts.  J. Ford (10-23-14)

2.  Thank you for sending along the report on jumping stilts as it is informative providing guidance on how-to buy and get started. Bill S. (4-7-15)

3.  I have worked for Walt Disney World for the past 27 years. This is the most fun and most exciting thing I have done in my past many years. I have never wrote or responded to an email or company before in my 44 years of life. I would love and desire to be a sales person or entrepreneur on your team. M. Folce (1-10-15)

4.  Thanks so much for your amazing customer service!!! Besides your product being really awesome the thing that makes your company #1 is your great customer service and the way you care about your customers and what they have to say. I am greatful to know that there are still caring and kind people like you in the world where its not all about money but THE SPORT AND THE CUSTOMERS.  M. Landry (2-12-13)

Welcome to the #1, fastest growing store to buy top quality jumping stilts in the world. Yes, the world! Read why below!

We offer you licensed, patent protected, Air-Trekkers jumping stilts at importer-direct prices. We are the importer! Better yet, if you call, we have experts who enjoy, and are ready, to answer all your questions, every business day. Our staff has been involved with this equipment since 2007, so we are confident we can properly guide you with your purchasing decision. Call us today, so we can help you buy jumping stilts that are correct for your weight and intentions.

VIP: The Air-Trekkers brand has become the largest selling jumping stilt brand in the world due to the performance and reliability of the equipment's latest upgrades in design and technology. The CZ frame/spring is like NO OTHER jumping stilt on the planet. Unprecedented, super-human, athletic abilities are now within reach for anyone, anytime, anywhere, at any age. (See for yourself: click here to see photos of people like you, or enjoy browsing a few of the videos below.)

We take great pride in our customer service. In the unlikely event you have a problem we deliver on our warranty, and have unlimited parts and accessories to solve whatever issue you may have. Buyers love our in-depth, industry standard "free report" offered on this site. We even offer detailed instructional videos emailed with every sale. If you buy anywhere else, you are either spending too much or you are in danger of buying the wrong sized velocity stilts. Enjoy your stay!

"What's the difference in jumping stilt brands?"  A lot!   First, only (2) brands are licensed to sell in the USA:  Air-Trekkers and Powerisers.  (ATs ARE NOT Powerisers, and have nothing to do with Powerisers.  Different manufacturer, different distributors.  The Poweriser brand has had trouble!)    Skyrunners are not licensed by the patent holder and have made illegal attempts to sell in the USA.     ATs are the choice for Disney, Six Flags, and many other USA commercial performance companies!

Wearing these bionic-like Jumping stilts feel like you're on a mobile trampoline. Some say it feels like you have pogo sticks strapped to each leg. They're easy to learn and use, so you can begin leaping, performing Parkour stunts, even try free running moves within days. Bocking, the verb for using jumping stilts, is also a great means of exercise. They offer an incredible cardio workout and help develop tremendous leg and core strength, all while having a blast. So get yourself a pair and get out there and start bocking.


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